Terrie Inder

Terrie Inder, MD

SAB Chair

Chair, Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine, Brigham and Womens Hospital
Mary Ellen Avery Professor of Pediatrics in the Field of Newborn Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

I am a dual boarded newborn medicine physician and child neurologist with my research focus in the newborn brain. My research work has been supported for over two decades by funding from both Foundations and Federal National institute of Health sources. As all our research activities are clinical investigations, our studies and clinical care of high-risk infants are tightly integrated. My research is targeted at understanding the timing, mechanisms and impact of cerebral injury and altered cerebral development in the human infant. Thus, my studies have focused on infants at high risk for brain injury including the prematurely-born infant, the sick term-born infant, and the infant with congenital heart disease. We aim to investigate means of accurate, early diagnosis of brain injury as well as developing treatments and preventive strategies to reduce brain injury and the related subsequent neurodevelopmental disabilities. This research work has utilized technologies including near infrared spectroscopy, electroencephalography and magnetic resonance imaging as well as now emerging new pharmacological therapies. I also undertake clinical service within the neonatal intensive care unit. In 2013, I moved to become the Chair of a new Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. Finally, I have the privilege of mentoring and educating neonatologists and other clinicians in the neurology of the newborn.