Barry Mangum

Barry Mangum, PharmD, FCP


Dr. Mangum is a leader in pediatric clinical pharmacology and drug development. He has been instrumental in developing multiple compounds for the care of children worldwide. His expertise is in neonatal pharmacology where he has excelled in understanding the pharmacology and pathophysiology of disease in the most vulnerable patients, the neonate. He also has served as an academic with appointments in the Schools of Medicine at Duke University and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as Associate Clinical Professor, Clinical Pharmacology and Associate Clinical Professor, Pediatrics. He is a graduate of The Medical University of South Carolina where he received his Doctorate in Pharmacy with special thesis emphasis on neonatal/pediatric pharmacology. Currently, Dr. Mangum is a co-founders and CEO of a pediatric CRO, Paidion Research, Inc. dedicated to the excellence in pediatric clinical research.