Pioneering neuroprotection using acute omega-3 fatty acid therapeutics Brain cell death following hypoxia-ischemia is inhibited  by the pleiotropic effects of bioactive omega-3 fatty acids  THDG3 is a novel semi-synthetic omega-3 fatty acid glyceride emulsion​ Intravenous THDG3 is a potent neuroprotectant and ​far superior to any tested omega-3 triglyceride emulsion​ The rare neonatal condition HIE is the lead indication for THDG3​ Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is the​ medical term for brain damage in newborns who have​ received too little oxygen during labor and/or delivery​


A neuroprotectant with potential uses in a range of hypoxic-ischemic brain injuries THDG3 was developed at Columbia University and is the cornerstone of DeckTherapeutics’ pipeline


Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)

Insufficient supply of oxygen during labor and/or delivery causes brain injury in tens of thousands of newborns every year. HIE is the most common cause of cerebral palsy in full-term infants


Ischemic stroke is the 5th most common cause of death in the US

Ischemic stroke is one of the largest and most costly unmet medical needs. Tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) and thrombectomy can be used to restore blood flow in some patients but no neuroprotectant is approved to date


DeckTherapeutics seeks to partner its omega-3 platform

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Dr. Rebecca Juliano joins DeckTherapeutics as Clinical Advisor

Dr. Juliano is a seasoned pharmaceutical R&D executive with scientific and development expertise in preclinical and clinical omega-3 fatty acid research. Most recently, Dr. Juliano served as the SVP of Clinical R&D at Amarin Pharma, where she led the Clinical Development/Operations and Biostatistics & Data Management teams who successfully completed the REDUCE-IT cardiovascular outcomes study with the omega-3 therapeutic Vascepa and actively supported global regulatory approvals. In an earlier role, Dr. Juliano supported the launch of the omega-3 therapeutic Omacor/Lovaza at Reliant Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Juliano earned a degree in Chemistry from the University of California at Santa Cruz, followed by an MA, MPhil, and PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from Columbia University in New York City, and an American Heart Association fellowship for postdoctoral research at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

DeckTherapeutics announces grant of patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office today issued the patent US 11,076,593 claiming inventions relating to “Reperfusion with omega-3 glycerides promotes donor organ protection for transplantation”. The inventors include DeckTherapeutics’ scientific founder and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Richard Deckelbaum and DeckTherapeutics has an option to obtain an exclusive license to this and other patents from Columbia University.

DeckTherapeutics announces the formation of Scientific Advisory Board

DeckTherapeutics today announced the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of some of the world’s foremost clinician scientists, practitioners and clinical trial experts, in the area of treating hypoxic-ischemic brain injuries.

DeckTherapeutics participates in Biotech Showcase

Reach out to discuss investing or partnering during the conference January 11-13, 2021.

The annual partnering and investor conference Biotech Showcase is fully virtual in 2021 but the team at DeckTherapeutics is looking forward to meeting remotely with life science investors and people from the industry during this busy week.

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DeckTherapeutics appoints new CEO

The biotech entrepreneur Soren Weis Dahl, PhD, MBA today succeeded Suman Lal, MD, PhD, MBA as chief executive of DeckTherapeutics. Dr. Dahl successfully led the development and sale to Rallybio of two orphan drug assets (press release) and will oversee the development of THDG3 in the rare neonatal condition of HIE. Dr. Lal was instrumental in building DeckTherapeutics and the team after the spin-out from Columbia University and will continue to be part of the management team in his new role as Chief Operating Officer.

DeckTherapeutics obtains exclusive license to omega-3 IPR from DSM Nutrition

DeckTherapeutics today announced that the company has signed a letter of intent towards a exclusive intellectual property licensing agreements with the DSM Nutrition. The agreement provides access for DeckTherapeutics to use a proprietary process for manufacturing of novel semi-synthetic omega-3 glycerides towards development of novel intravenous omega-3 fatty acid emulsions

DeckTherapeutics obtains exclusive license to omega-3 IPR from the United States Army

DeckTherapeutics today announced that the company has entered into an exclusive intellectual property licensing agreement with the United States Army on the use of certain intravenous omega-3 fatty acid emulsions in treatments of acute brain injuries