DeckTherapeutics’ technology platform featured in The Wall Street Journal

Founder of DeckTherapeutics, Columbia University Professor, Dr. Richard Deckelbaum, discusses the technology he and co-workers invented for intravenous (acute) delivery of therapeutics based on omega-3 fatty acids.

Oral omega-3s are a $40BN market globally and their benefits in preventing and treating cardiovascular and other conditions appear beneficial. However, omega-3s have never been developed as acute therapies for acute conditions.

Dr. Deckelbaum founded DeckTherapeutics to pioneer IV omega-3 therapeutics for the prevention of organ damage associated with acute hypoxic-ischemic injuries. Omega-3s are ideally suited for this as they rapidly and simultaneously block several cell death pathways activated by hypoxia-ischemia and preserve tissues and organ function.

Dr. Deckelbaum and co-workers invented diglyceride prodrugs as a technology platform for rapid delivery of IV omega-3 fatty acids into cells and across the blood-brain barrier.

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